The Blue Lagoon: Tourist Trap or Worth It?

A lot of friends who have already been to Iceland informed me that the Blue Lagoon is man made. That initially disappointed me and made me think about skipping it all together. After seeing it was sold out the first half of my stay, I decided to book it for the last day of my trip, hours before I had to go to the airport.

Let me tell you, after off-roading and driving around the ring road (entire country) in 9 days, I couldn’t have been happier to end up at the Blue Lagoon. As mentioned above, it’s important to book the blue lagoon in advance. We decided to book for 8am, which did not disappoint. It was fairly empty at 8am when we arrived, and since we paid for Premium we got to skip the line. Premium gets you a bath robe, towel, slippers and a free drink. Theygive you a plastic wristband that you scan when you swim up to the bars for drinks etc.fullsizeoutput_3083



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