Sailing Saint Vincent & the Grenadines

A few years ago I was invited by my new roommate (from Craigslist, because that’s what people in their 20s living in San Francisco do) to go on a sailing trip in the Caribbean for 2 weeks. I had never been sailing before, and barely knew my roommate, which made it all the more exciting for me. I didn’t have a blog back then and this trip was almost 5 years ago, but it feels important for me to share because it changed the direction of my life.

I hopped on a plane in San Francisco and traveled to Barbados. It was there I met up with the 15 strangers I would be spending the next 2 weeks with.

Pictured: The tiny plane in Barbados that we piled into. Not pictured, my panic attack as a youngster who knew nothing about tiny plane turbulence. (It’s funny the things that scare me now vs back then… The list has grown a lot shorter.)

st vincent 2st vincent 3

We landed and made our way to the 2 catamarans we’d be living on… I was blown away by the beauty.

sailing st grenedine

Here’s a picture of my roommate and I on the water! Cameras weren’t as good back then but I’m so glad someone captures these photos!


The captain let me steer the boat one day between islands. I had never felt more alive.


Every night we tiedour two catamarans together and had a big group dinner.

st vincent 4

st vincent 7st vincent 8

This time on the ocean opened my mind and my heart to more. I realized I was no longer stuck in the dead-end relationship and retail job. It was my choice, I just hadn’t seen it before. I was turning 24 and realized I had not reached any of the goals I set for myself at this age. Being around these 15 brilliant people who had accomplished so much in their careers, had all learned how to sail, fly airplanes, travel the world and more changed my perspective on life. I don’t think any of them know how much this trip impacted me. I decided to end the unhealthy 3 year relationship I was in, quit my job and the industry I had been in for 8 years, leave San Francisco and START OVER.

This deep blue ocean led me to find myself and I’ll never forget it. Sometimes diving head first into random adventures is exactly what your soul needs to thrive.


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