The blog I didn’t want to write about the Middle East

Well, let me start off by saying that I had a very optimistic attitude about my trip solo to the Middle East. And I remained optimistic after my hotel was on fire in Turkey, I got harassed while covered head to toe, head scarf and all, and then I got kicked out of Jordan. I think I started to go dark in Egypt, when after 17 days I had just had enough of the claustrophobic experience and wanted to come home.

Is the Middle East special, and does it have incredible history that I think everyone should see? Absolutely. Would I go back again, probably won’t consider it for at least 10 years.

I’m writing this blog as more of a “what not to do” seeing as how I got myself into a lot of sticky situations. I never claimed to be the best at researching, because I own a US passport I’ve been pretty spoiled with my experience traveling the world. Taking for granted just how many countries I can get into without a visa.

So with all that said, let’s start out where I first landed, in Turkey.

fullsizeoutput_7c24The Blue Mosque was totally under construction so you couldn’t go inside and experience it! I was pretty sad, but I know these things happen. Instead, I caught a stalker who waits for women to show up at this site and befriends them. Maybe it was the jet lag, but I wasn’t my usual feisty self. I just kinda let him follow me. To spare all the negative details, I’ll just say this, do not speak to people if you want to remain alone. It took hours and money to shake him off.

I decided to go to the airport early after not being able to truly be alone and experience Istanbul the way I wanted to.


Tel Aviv, Israel


Jaffa, Israel


This is the view of my hotel downtown Tel Aviv.


I found vegan restaurants all over Tel Aviv, and found out that Israel has the fastest, largest growing population of vegans! Score


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