We were staying in Paris

After landing in Paris at 12pm I decided to race over to my hotel and immediately dress up and go experience all the magic Paris had to offer! These are my first moments wandering the streets of this perfect city.


Harold @harold_james did my hair and makeup and proceeded to run around the city with me and make me feel like a princess.


It felt so surreal to be running around a place I’ve dreamt of for the last decade.



This moment was my first up close view of the Eiffel Tower and I was blown away. It’s so much grander than I expected!


Not pictured: My phone died and I had only 10 euro on me so I tried finding my way back to the hotel. Out of nowhere a biker with one of those silly carriages asked me if I wanted a ride, so we negotiated and he got me back to my hotel.

Day 2

I didn’t sleep for a third night in a row. I had this Parisian high running through my veins I guess. Very tired I stumbled around the city until I saw boats going up and down the La Seine. I thought “why not be a tourist for 1 hour and take the boat ride for 12 euro?”

Watching the sun set on the boat was beautiful, however, the 500 screaming kids was not. You couldn’t pay me to get back on this boat again.fullsizeoutput_34fa

Almost forgot to mention it was a full moon… 🌕


My San Francisco roommate/best friend happened to land in Paris as I was getting off the boat so I rushed to find him and share gelato, his fave. Of course we only managed to take this one hideous photo together, but it must be documented.


Day 3 was all about the Louvre.


I found a ferris wheel in the sculpture garden next to the Louvre that I had to take and did not regret. I was so high in the air I could see so much of the city!


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